Patient Participation Group

Join our Patient Participation Group.

The patient participation group gives any of our patients the opportunity to discuss various aspects of the practice with some of our members of staff. These will now be happening bi-monthly, one of which will be a face to face meeting at the surgery, the other will be virtual.

These meetings gives patients a chance to voice their opinion and aid us, as a practice in our development. It is also a chance for us as a team to update you on any changes and ask your opinion regarding these.

We welcome all new members to this group and value all of your opinions and suggestions. If you require more details or would like to join this group then please contact Lynette Pallett, the practice manager, based at Kingsdale Surgery.

Virtual Patient Group Meetings

We will now be offering a virtual PPG group meeting for those people who are unable to attend meetings that take place at the practice. This will involve our members being emailed on occasion so that they can share their views on various different aspects of the practice including the quality of care and any suggested improvements.